Grounded body scrub

I was kindly sent a selection of grounded body scrub Sent me a seclection of there body scrubs to review here’s a little bit about the products and the brand before I share  my review

Grounded Body Scrub are one of the The UK’s leading coffee scrub company .They create amazing natural body care to help take care of your skin  and get the best out of it .

Here’s a little bit about how’s the company started ….

The  owners of  the comanpy Lloyd and Tasha’s started the business and product making in there Kitchen at their home in Leigh on Sea. It was the birthplace of the business and there fabulous products Were the first coffee scrub was made. I love the fact there a company that’s started out this way and have earns there place in the business world .Why did they decide to make  a coffee scrub?
Well, the owner Tasha had been suffering with Dry and Itchy Eczema for the majority of her life and was tired of using over the counter medicines they just weren’t working So she asked Lloyd to make her a coffee scrub; something which she used
whilst holidaying in Bali and had great success with.

They continued to experimented with different oils and scents until we created there first scrub – The grapefruit coffee scrub.

Giving there scrubs out to family and friends recieving good feed back they new they were onto something So they began to Brand the company, they both thought the name had to be something to do with coffee and with help from one
friend they came up with the name Grounded. WThen embarked on developing more scents  Coconut and Chocolate Orange scents. Which I had the pleasure of testing 😊

they wanted  to showcase our brand and products, so they both then decided to do a trade show at Professional beauty With help from there family  they built a big tropcial stage with palm trees, coconuts and presented there  prouducts to the public. Everyone went crazy for them and they sold out by the second day.
While everyone was crowding the stage and trying our scrubs they got approached by the BBC producers from the TV show Dragons Den who asked if thry wanted to be on the show. They thought it was a joke until
They got home and they had emailed, so they decided to go ahead.

And now there products are stocked in over 30 countries amazing !!!! And more products are on the way from this brand which I myself am very excited about

Ok so now you no about the background of the brand it’s onto the review …

so I was sent to lovely scrubs amazingly sized bag , good value for money scents were chocolate orange and plain coconut …

the Grounded Chocolate Orange Coffee Scrub smells amazing and have to say is my favourite I love both of them but the scent of the chocolate ora get is a winner for me  it fills your bathroom with a fabulous aroma of yep you guessed chocolate orange  that lingers around for hours after using i found it rather messy but it’s so worth the mess as once you’ve used it your skin is super soft nourished hydrated and dry skin free removing all the dead skin revealing lovely radiant skin even after one use .i found my skin didn’t need moisrtisng dagger using which is a bonus for people who don’t like to use to many products …the body scrub is packed wit ph Vitamins, Minerals and Anti-Oxidants essential for gorgeous, glowing skin.Perfect for dry, sensitive skin and Mature skin and leave you feeling incredible every time.
It will skin with Vitamin C, Cacao, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil so you’re left soft and very hydrated.
The scrub as I said will help  scrub away dry, dead and flaky skin with Himalayan Rock salt and Brown Sugar. Moisturises, Protects, Repairs and Cares.

i found this scrub very good and defiantly improved my skins condition helping with acne I have  been suffering with as well as the other positives I mentioned above

the only one teeny downside I found to this was the packaging I found the paper packet to get wet and the scrub stuck to the packet so I had to empty the scrub into a little Tupa ware but it’s a tiny hiccup and defiantly won’t stop me from buying this amazing product in the future

How do you use it ???

Use in theshower and apply to wet skin. Scrub for up to ten minutes and wash off. Use me 3-4 times a week. You can use On the Body and Face (gently)





Rather lovely products

img_5252I was sent a lovely parcel from rather lovely a few months ago…now I’ve used them it’s time to blog about the lovely brand 😊

Firstly how  I love the packaging easily pleased I no but I love it.its simple yet lovely I also love the name of the brand So cute 👍

Rather lovely is a small brand offering organic  skincare and natural candles as well as reath diffusers they are a company that Are committed to all  things natural and products ,contain high quality vegetable oils, active botanicals, and pure essential oils.they use organic ingredients wherever possible because we believe in nature and supporting the environment.i also love the fact that there a British company making there products in England 👍

I chose to try the lovely herbal bath salts, flower candle and the citrus body lotion

Herbal bath salts 

these instantly screened my name as these herbal salts are perfect for achy tired muscles as they containing lavender thyme rosemary and clary sage essential oils brilliantly amazing at relaxing and neutering those achy muscles 💪…also has a hint of orange sent in them to which I loved but the main smell is very earthy smell I usually love the more floral smell but really did love the smell of these.the contain epsom salts and sea salts brilliant for the skin and detoxing the body… I really love the bottle the salts are in it’s defiantly a “cute on show bottle ” you leave in your bathroom the defiantly one I’ll be keeping when the bottle is empty. Which it all most is I’m sad to say …. the price of the salts is just £10 amazing price for such a good natural product from a lovely independent company defiantly want to try the other s bath salts they have to offer

Flowers candle 

what’s the perfect thing to have in the bathroom for your pampering bath …. a candle 👍 I am so happy to finally find a natural resonably priced natural candle I love the fresh smell of floral scents from. Candles so this instantly caught my eye ..there candles are made from .Natural, organic, vegetable wax sustainably sourced and hand-poured into recycled glass containers. The subtle scents of pure essential oils make these Rather Lovely candles the healthy, ethical way to fill your home with fragrance. I did light this candle downstairs after my bath but The design of my home is very open so couldn’t really smell the scent as i is the smaller travel size candle so I lit it in the bathroom the smell lovely and strong floral scent Ina small room I’m sure the larger size would be more suitable to use in large open spaces but would suggest using the smaller one in small rooms like i have the cost of the small votive is £6.50 and burns for 25-30 hours amazingly priced for a natural chemical free candle

The candles come in to sizes

20cl pot which is £12.50

or as mentioned above a 9cl votive for £6.50 perfect to try the scents or for travel 👍😊

Citrus body lotion 

Rather Lovely Love Citrus Organic Body Lotion lovely scented as you expect the scent is a lovely uplifting citrus scent orange lemon and grapefruit from essential oils  I loved using this over the summer super hydrating it is suitable for all skin types Packaged in an airless tube to preserve the freshness of our natural ingredients.this  is defiantly a summer body lotion for  me though I don’t think it will be one to attract me in the winter but lovely for the summer it is priced st £16.00 for 100ml. For me the size of the bottle isn’t large enough and found it not to last that long I’m aware this is because it has no chemicals in it and has to be in a rather small sized container. Good all round natural lotion though perfect for holidays and for hand luggage it’s defiantly one if choose to take with me

all that’s left to do is leave you with the link to there lovely website were you can purchase these and lots,of other lovely products from rather lovely

. You can purchase straight from there website bellow 👍😊



Simplee aloe



Simplee aloe juice drink

I was sent I very generous package of drinks from the lovely company simplee aloe.

two flavours apple and mango and aloe with a hint of not being paid to work with them they kindly sent me there products to review.all views are my own 😉

I don’t usually like aloe Vera drink at al but simplee aloe have changed that completely  I’m pleased to say I enjoyed both drinks but the fruit one is my why should you drink aloe ??? The list is endless but I’ll note down a few below ….

Great for digestion

aloe is super for Inflamtion applied topically but also amazing taken internally for digestion. It helps ease digestion brilliant for people with irritable bowl and plenty of other digestive disorders.aloe also heaps build good bactira Inthe gut  also helping speed up digestion…we all feel a little sluggish at times so this is a brilliant benefit of drinking aloe


aloe is brilliant for the skin it’s very hydrating and can help reduce the occurance of acne and help reduce scars.drinking aloe had been proven to help protect against ultra violet raes and keep wrinkles at bay 😉

Contains a ridiulous amount of vitamins minerals and anti oxidants 

Aloe Vera is jam packed with goodness containing

  • vitamins e,c and b as well as
  •         folic acid


Also contains small amounts of the following

  • magnesium
  • copper
  • zinc
  • Pottasium

aloe Vera is one of very few plants to also contain vitamin b-12 Bri Allianz for vegans and veggies like myself 👍👌

Immunity boost

aloe is also brilliant for boosting your immune system brilliant all year round to keep you healthy

So now you no the benefits of drinking aloe let’s get back to the drinks that simplee aloe make

the only  contain natural ingredients and only three ingridants thumbs up all round for me natural and only the necessary ingredients is deco something I look for in products.

the contain aloe ,grape juice and a squeeze of lemon 🍋 (Simplee aloe with a hint of lemon)

mango apple and aloe (simplee Mango and apple 🍎 drink)

the aloe with a hint of grape 🍇 did take me a few drinks to get used to but I now love the taste much better than any other aloe drink I’ve tried before super refreshing.

simplee aloe mango and apple is Defoe my fav though as it’s a juice drink 👍Also refreshing 👍

All that left to tell you is were you can purchase this fab drink from …..


I’m defiantly an aloe Vera drink convert 👍👍👍👍 hope you find this blog post useful.thanks again to simplee aloe for  introducing me to there brand 👍

Konjac Angel sponge


imageI’m a big lover of using natural alternatives and Konjac sponges are the perfect alternative to muslin clothes. Why? Less harsh. More benefits as there are dull of natural vitamins and minerals antioxidant the prefect booster to your skincare routine.

I was so excited to receive my Angel cloth in the the box I also received a leaflet with all the Konjac sponges on offer whit each of there different benefits I found this useful and have already decided on my next Konjac sponge purchase when this cloth wears out. Also in the box I got a discount code alway a bonus delivery was super quick to which is always good. Back to the Angel cloth now ….

the Angel cloth to is the perfect much better replacement of your muslin cloth . Why? Much better for the environment, more benefits which I will post bellow better for your skin and less harsh than a muslin cloth . I brought the Angel cloth to replace my muslin clothes especially for my holiday so I had more space in my case more room for clothes  👍👍👍 perfect investment I think 😉

a little info on the Konjac sponge

The Konjac Potato or Konnyaku is a perennial plant native to Asia, and can be found growing wild at very high altitudes. A totally natural food source, Konjac is 97% water, rich in mineral goodness and low in calories. Naturally alkaline, Konjac is pH neutral which leaves skin perfectly balanced.

Our pure Konjac is free from chemicals, colouring, additives and irritants. 100% biodegradable and fully sustainable, this moisture rich plant fibre is mixed and handmade into our sponges with natural water filtered through volcanic rock.


This is what the cloth looks like when hydrated


You maybe thinking it looks small …yes it is but it really is the perfect size …. So soft and delicate to use on your face. It effectively removes ALL make up even eye make up left my skin feeling soft and cleansed. I never want to use a muslin cloth again after using this cloth so much nicer a better treat for the skin. It does state you don’t need to use a aditoonal cleanser with the cloth but I use mine at night to take off make up so I do use a little cleanser with the cloth just because I prefer to I did use it without cleanser and did still remover my makeup thoroughly but just fell if cleansed my skin better by using cleanser to.

Konjac do state the sponge will last around 1-3 months I found after around two months I needed to change mine I’m happy with this and felt I got a fair amount of use from it 👍

Finally I thought I would list a few benefits of the using Konjac for cleansing below …

Benefits of the Konjac sponge on general
100% natural vegetable fibres
Packed with minerals and antioxidants
Non toxic
100% free from impurities and pollutants
Earth friendly
100% cruelty free & certified vegan
Naturally sustainable
Environmentally Safe
Kind to The Environment & Skin
100% Colouring Free
100% Additive Free
100% Biodegradable

General thumbs up for the Konjac sponge from me ❤️



have you used any of the Konjac sponges ?what were your thoughts ? Did you find this b,oh post helpful ?



Balance me

Balance me is a high performance bristish skincare brand that delivers results naturally with most products being 89-99% natural

the brand launched after the two lovely ladies who launched balance me saw a gap in the market for a high performance natural skincare brand that focused on well being as well as performance this is what inspired them to launch balance me after leaving the well known company loreal the brand was then launched

The company has been around for over a decade

they promise that there products never contain…


Instantly gets the thumbs up from me

ive tried a few of balance me’S products and have never been disappointed but recently been trying balance me’S rose otto body cream after being sent it from the lovely lady at balance me,I have ble finished it so here’s my review


A little info about the product range first ..

the rose otto range from balance me includes a body cream,body oil,body wash & body  balm .

stating this range is suitable for even the most sensitive skins helps protect and hydrate.


Soothes sensitive skin
Strengthens fragile skin
Improves skin elasticity
Deeply hydrates
Calms the mind

Sensitive skin: Organic Aloe Vera and Rosehip Oils help to soothe sensitivities and encourage healthy cell renewal
Dry skin: Rose Otto, Palma Rosa and Rose Geranium Essential Oils deeply hydrate skin
Normal skin: Rose Geranium helps to smooth the skin and soothe the mind for the ultimate relaxation
Mature skin: Anti-oxidant Arctic Cloudberry plumps skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines while Pure Rose Oils strengthen fragile skin

the review ….

firstly I love how simple yet eye catching the packaging for balance me is it simply says what it is…what it doesn’t contain how much natural ingredients it contains Brilliant !!!

the smell is so luxurious as it says in the name it has a lovely sent of rose which I was truly happy with instantly uplifting and soothing on the skin of coarse if you don’t like the sent of rose this won’t be for you.

i was a little apprehensive about the thickness of the cream as I don’t have perticually dry skin,and thought it may be to much for my skin but I didn’t need to worry as this wasn’t the case.

Musing this cream straight after having a shower was lovely it filled the room surprising of the sent of the cream sank into my skin super quick again I was surprised as it is a fairly thick cream.the smell lingers on the skin a while after applying which again I love from a cream or skin was super soft and most moisturised after using it. With it being such a strong sent I was worried my skin would react and the cream would be to strong for me but again I didn’t need to worry as this sent the case.

All round brilliant product and I didn’t want the tube to finish …

Priced at £18.00 some may think it’s a little expensive but the product is so good I would pay this even if it’s just once in a while when you have spare money to treat yourself

Defianlty wanting to try more from this range

But online from

if you sign up to emails and an account they have a loylalty sceme the more you buy the more benefits you get 👍😉


second product from from balance me I’ve been trying I got from a magazine




A little info on the product range

a sunshine inspired a blen of naturally zesty essential oils to cleanse soothe and hydrate

Leaves hands hydrated after each wash
Sulphate-free formula rebalances skin’s natural oils
Helps to soothe sensitive skin
Uplifts mood thanks to zesty, unisex aroma


Sensitive skin: Our bespoke blend of zesty, skin-quenching essential oils that soothes irritation and prevent dry patches
Normal skin: Grapefruit Essential Oil with a hint of mint refreshes skin whilst Bergamot balances and Sweet Orange rejuvenates
The review ….

I found this another fab product from balance me …didn’t irritate my skin which can react to showe gels/washes and agrivate my skin which is already sensitive and blemished at the min really refreshing sent uplifting and citrusy defiantly a product I will purchase again

The cost for a 300ml bottle os £12.50 I think this is a pretty reasonable price for a good quality mostly natural and no nasties product

have you tried balance me products ??

whats your fav ??

What would you recommended

did you find this blog post interesting

The best Diy make up brush cleaner

we all no how important it is to clean your brushes regularly and as you no I’m not a fan of chemical based products and always opt for the more natural products. I have never been able to find a natural make up brush cleanser so decided to make my own and turned outto be the best I’d ever used. I usually use a little shampoo on my brushes to clean and get rid of Bacteria but no use this below you’ll find theist of ingredients which most will already have in there kitchen Cubard and a how to paragraph I promise you won’t be there for ages making it and cleaning your brushes it takes about 5 mins to make so no excuse

why should you clean your brushes well why wouldn’t you .its so important to clean make up brushes reguLary at least once a month but best to clean them once a week. Bacteria build up. Can cause irritation to the skin causing spots which no one wants if you don’t have spots and don’t cleans your brushes you not ok not to clean them by cleaning them reguLary you will get a lot longer use out of your brushes and more than likely won’t need to buy new ones for years make up goes on better but mostly as I’ve said barriers and germs build up in them and this isn’t good for any one so read on and get cleaning those brushes you’ll be surprised at how dirty they are !!!!

First up is what you need

olive oil – helps break down make up conditions brushes

witch hazel-naturally astringent

tee tree oil-natural antiseptic anti bacterial

don’t like tee tree use lavender


What to do next how much do I need  ???

as you an see from the pic above housing need a lot although depending on how dirty your brushes are you may need to re make it twice like I did

pour about 6-7 tablespoons of olive oil in the bowl (enough to cover your make up brushes when there in there )

add a couple of tablespoons of witch hazel and then finally add around 3-4 drops of tee tree oil  mix it up and your ready …

cleaning your brushes

Now all you need to do is put your brush into the diy cleaner swish around a little then rinse in the sink. I was so surprised at how clean my brushes were when I’d finished and how much make up came off them as you  can see above they were quite mucky and I clean them every week but this is the first time I’ve managed to get them super clean looking brand new.

carry on with this process until you’ve cleaned all your brushes.once you have done rinse them under warm water not hot then place somewhere to dry never on a radiator as this will damage them  and don’t put them back in your makeupsts d as standing them  up right will evetually break down the glue on your brushes as the water will seep thorough always place them flat I always put the in the bath to dry . That’s it simple !!!







Dr organic Manuka honey deodorant

I have been on the look out for a natural deodorant fora while so was please to find this one from dr organic it ticket all the boxes as it contains non of the following

no aluminium -pore clogging ingredient

sls free -skin irritant

alcohol free – irritates skin also causing eczema

No harsh or false fragrances 👍

It claims to be a safe effective natural deodorant chemical free


contains fab skin loving ingredients

Aloe Vera -soothing and moisturising

iclandic moss -brilliant antibacterial anti fungal effects

vitamin e and sunflower seed oil- super hydrating protecting anti aging  …

what are my thoughts after trailing the deodorant ??

the smell is amazing strong smell of Manuka honey which I love.feels as good as your standard chemical filed deodorant,does protect you from sweating but haven’t really felt it effective for getting rid of odour I would give this  a 9 out of 10 as I was a little disappointed i didn’t find it as effective at getting rid of Odour as I thought it would be but would buy it again as its way better than using chemical based deodorants


This brand is a resonable priced with the deodorant only costing £5.79

Click here to purchase >>> Dr organic Manuka honey deodorant